Live the Legend, Save the Galaxy!

Welcome to the home of Illegal Aliens. Check back here for new updates and progress on the game.

Illegal Aliens is an Action-RPG/Co-op Adventure game. It's main focus is to allow players to enjoy an entire campaign built around co-operative gameplay, which allows both players to feel as if they are playing a single player game built for two. Illegal Aliens is more than just another game, it has a story to be told, filled with amazing moments that span from serious to comedic just like in our other games like friv games club, cooking games for girls and Play Candy Crush.

SomeArea Studios is an independent development studio founded by Skylar Breen, game designer of Illegal Aliens. He leads a team of professionals ranging from talented artists, programmers, animators and musicians with the know-how, will, and determination to provide the best entertainment experience in gaming. Currently there are no positions open at SomeArea Studios, but we're always looking for talented and eager people to join the team. If you still would like to send us your portfolio feel free to. Send us your info, please include a link to an online portfolio or downloadable portfolio.

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